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2013 Pedal, Paddle and Fish Event Hugely Successful
Monday, October 14, 2013 8:50 AM

The annual third-grade Pedal, Paddle and Fish physical education field trip was a big success. Among the five third-grade classes, more than 150 Burroughs students took to the Lake Harriet bike paths (bicycling), waterways (kayaking) and fishing holes (fishing) for the adventure. Students biked from the Burroughs gym, around the lake to the band shell and back, during the three-hour field trip (that's about 150 laps around the lake, or about 510 miles).
Students learned proper identification and use of fishing equipment, how to bait hooks (not required), how to remove fish from hooks (not required), and casting techniques. We practiced catch-and-release techniques and used barbless hooks. Students fished from fishing docks, the shoreline and by wading out into the water (up to their knees). When canoeing and kayaking, students learned basic paddling stroke techniques; no experience was necessary. Character building, cooperative skills, individual success, bicycle maintenance, trail and water etiquette and bicycle and boating safety were all emphasized. Active Solutions provided the fishing equipment, supplies, bait, canoes, kayaks and equipment transportation. The Burroughs PTA purchased reserve teacher positions that allowed for this event to take place.

College students from the Augsburg College who are working toward their physical education licensure attended as observers and helpers. More than 40 parent helpers and five classroom teachers contributed with supervision and support. Thank, you teachers and parents!