Grade Three


Thank you for checking us out here!

  • To your right are links to the classroom web pages for the third grade teachers. Click there for specific information about your homeroom or reading class.

Here are some good and helpful reminders for students.

  • Keep your third grade supplies in good condition.
  • With parent/teacher permission, use our listed internet links to access safe activities and information on the internet.  The links are in three groups.
  1. Language Arts Links
  2. Math Links
  3. Science Links, Social Studies, and other stuff


Here are some useful documents for parents.


Look here to visit Midwest Food Connections Website.  We participate in the Fall 1 Lesson series thanks to funding from our PTA:

PDF Volunteer Form   --  Please fill this form out. This is the form used by all volunteers for field trips...
document Midwest Food Connections!   --  Our local coop is coming in to teach us a series of lessons from their FALL 1 program. Please read our parent letter and use the link to see the website.