About Me


My name is Jeff Pilon (pronounced like pull-on) and I am the art teacher at Burroughs. This is my 6th year at Burroughs and 9th year teaching in Minneapolis. Every student at Burroughs get 1period (55 minutes) of art a week (with some small variations because of the amount of classes in the school).


I grew up just west of Minneapolis in New Hope and Plymouth where I went to Robbinsdale Schools.  I have a B.A. in fine art from the University of Arizona and a M.Ed in art education from the University of Minnesota. After doing a year of Americorps in the Minneapolis Public Schools, my wife and I served 2 years in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua working as TEFL teacher trainers before coming back to work in MPS again.


My family now resides in south Minneapolis in the Longfellow neighborhood.  I have a son, Cullen, who is in 1st grade at Hiawatha Elementary and 3 year old daughter, Coralie.  My wife, Jenny, teaches social studies at Sanford Middle School, which is in our neighborhood.  With my limited free time, I try to continue my own art practices at my studio in northeast.  My own work is influenced by abstraction and my environment. I explore themes of movement, color, shape and balance.  I am inspired by landscapes, natural elements and texts and how those can be explored mainly through the medium of printmaking.