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Active Solutions Spring Classes
Tuesday, March 10, 2015 2:00 PM

Active Solutions is offering all new Spring After School Classes, Release Day and Spring Break Full Day Camps that are open to any student from any school. Classes start soon but there is still time to register. Visit online for more information and to register. If you have any questions email Pete Hill or give Pete a call/text at 952 212 7290. 


Full Day Camps

- Release Day All Day Gym Camp #4 on 03/27/2015 (Grades K-5) NEW DATE JUST ADDED

- Spring Break All Day Gym Camps (Grades K-5)


Spring After School Classes

- Actors Playhouse; Acting in TV Commercials (Grades 3-5)

- Bike Adventures (Grades 2-5)

- Bike and Scoot Adventures (Grades K-2)

- Boys Running Club (Grades 3-5)

- Fishing Adventures (Grades K-5)

- Girls Running Club (Grades 3-5)

- Kayaking Adventures (Grades 2-5)

- Little Joggers Running Club (Grades K-2)

- Outdoor Team Sports (Grades K-1 and Grades 2-5)

- Physical Education (Grades K-1 and Grades 2-5)


- Zumba Fitness and Dance Class (Grades K-5)