Meet our Advanced Differentiation Specialist, Teri Emery

The focus this year is literacy. Each classroom groups students within their room based on readiness level. Each grade level is using the MPS Advanced Differentiation Units for literacy with their advanced learners. These units expose students to challenging text and critical thinking strategies for comprehension. Each grade level is learning to analyze text to prepare for open-ended Socratic Seminar discussions of the reading. The ADS meets with each grade level team every two weeks for planning focused on advanced learners. Teachers are learning how to implement strategies for meeting the learning needs for advanced learners such as tiering lessons, compacting curriculum, anchor activities, teaching for depth and complexity, and intellectual traits. In addition to team meeting, our ADS provides professional development for the staff about talent development and advanced learners. She also co-teaches, plans, and coaches focusing on the Advanced Differentiation units with five classroom teachers. The coaching schedule will adjust each quarter to meet the needs of our teachers and advanced learners.

Additional information:

Critical Thinking Skills

Intellectual Traits

Understanding the Elements of Depth and Complexity

Socratic Seminar- a kids' perspective