April 22, 2017


April 22, 2017


Dear Parents,


I hope that your family has had a wonderful weekend, enjoying the glorious weather. I keep on checking the weather forecast for Wednesday and thankfully, although it is not a repeat of today, it looks like the rain will stay away. Please make sure that your child is wearing a light jacket as it will be chilly in the morning. There will be lots and lots and walking so tennis shoes should be worn. Thank you in advance to the eight parent volunteers who will be joining us. If you will be riding the bus, please be in our room by 9:20. If you are driving, please let me know so that we don’t wait for you before we leave. We will meet those parents at the entrance of the zoo. Each parent will walk around with three or four children. More directions will be given when we arrive. 


I have wonderful personal news to share with you. Before I do, I must say how lucky I am to have such warm relationships with my parents which allow me to delve into personal parts of my life. It is certainly a gift that I receive everyday teaching at Burroughs. Okay here’s the news. As you know I have three children. Only my daughter and her family live in Minneapolis. My son, Adam, lives in Santa Monica with his son, Jasper and my son, Michael lives with his wife and two children in New York. He is a Managing Director at UBS in the retail field. They never really bought into living in New York, even though my daughter-in-law lived there her whole life. They always had it in the back of their minds to move to Minneapolis. UBS has a small office here and is allowing Michael to work from that office so in July I will have 2/3 of my family here. We are all so excited.


This week we will be finishing up our “how to” books. The children have learned how to take a topic such as planting a flower and break the process into eight steps, writing clear directions for each step. Next week we will be starting a poetry unit. In math we are working on multiplication and later this week we will begin division. I know that I didn’t learn those skills when I was in first grade and I’m sure that most of you didn’t either. Today first grade, before we blink college!


Thanks to my volunteers, we have been working on making our head pieces for our performance and hopefully, this week we will finish this project. It’s hard to believe that we started learning the songs in January and now our gala show is less than three weeks away. We will be having rehearsal this Monday afternoon and Thursday morning this week. I can say with utmost confidence that the children will dazzle you on May 12th. Thank you to many of you who offered to bring ice cream or root beer for our reception. I will be sending home the forms sometime this week letting you know which I would appreciate you bringing. So far I haven’t heard from anyone saying that they have holiday lights that we can use. These lights should be one color. Please let me know if you can send some to school. 


I am going to Los Angeles on Friday afternoon for my grandson’s ninth birthday party. Jasmine Elliston will be subbing. The children know her so it should go very smoothly.


About ten children have already handed in their Mercy books.  I will not be giving homework again this week so that more children have the time for the recopy. If your child can’t bring it to school until after the performance, that works for me, but it does need to be brought in no later than the week of May 15th. Most of the dioramas have been brought in and are dazzling the appearance of our room. The last presentation will take place on Friday, May 5th. After school on that day,  I will be bringing all the dioramas down to the atrium so that “the whole world” can see the fruits of the children’s (and parent’s labor) They’re all fabulous. 


Have a wonderful week.