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Are You Moved by Music?
Monday, September 24, 2012 6:35 AM

Bravo needs a few more parent volunteers. No experience required—just a love of music. The focus of this year’s lessons is “On the Move”. How does the music move? What musical tools does the composer use to create that movement? How does the music move us? Lessons may also include science experiments, listening games, making instruments, and guest performers!
The following classrooms still need a volunteer:
• Kindergarten – Mrs. Wold PM Class
• 2nd Grade – Mr. Larsen
• 3rd Grade – Mr. Kilibarda
• 3rd Grade – Mr. Wilkinson
• 4th Grade – Ms. Blossey
• 5th Grade – Mrs. Walvatne
To volunteer, email Carrie Bell or call (612) 559-0424.