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Art Adventure Begins
Tuesday, November 08, 2016 8:10 AM

We have kicked off this year's Amazing Animals in Art program. This week, all students will be learning about three different pieces of animal-themed artwork. (They will learn about three other animal art pieces the week after Thanksgiving.)

The first three pieces of art will include:

  • A picture of a bear holding a box of Cream of Wheat
  • A huge wind screen with Japanese cranes
  • A replica of a Chinese terracotta horse from the Tang dynasty.

The other grouping has three different-sized vessels in shapes of a fish, a leopard, and a lion.

In early December, first through fifth graders will go on a tour of the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) to see the works of art they learned about in class. Please watch for permission slips closer to tour times.

The MIA's main desk has a list of this artwork with locations so kids can show friends and families what they have learned. MIA is a fantastic free adventure for anyone! Please consider making it a part of your household traditions.