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Attendance Matters…And So Does a Tardy!
Monday, October 07, 2013 10:35 AM

Message from Assistant Principal Karen Hart: This year, as part of our School Improvement Plan, we are paying close attention to our absence and tardy information. By sharing this information in the Burroughs Bulletin, we hope parents can also pay special attention to making sure that everyone attends school and is on time! 
Last week, we had 92 students tardy to school and 74 students absent. We believe that we can do better than this—and we think the tardy number should be closer to zero. You can help us by getting your child to school on time, every day. Most of you do, and we thank you. You see that being on time is so important.

As for absences, it is our goal to keep unexcused absences to a minimum. It is extremely important that you call the attendance line (612) 668-3288 to let us know your child will not be in school. Please do not simply inform the classroom teacher about an absence. Use the attendance line! If your child is absent and you have not called the attendance line, you will get a phone call from Mrs. Hart or Ms. Alvarez. This is our way of keeping our attendance information up-to-date. Thank you for your attention to these important matters.