Aug. 29 Newsletter



Newsletter  Room 203

Week of 8/29/16


Please make sure that I know how your child is getting home each night.  Keep changes to a minimum the first week of school and send a note to school if there is a change.

You can go to the (Burroughs) Joe Janssen web-page and click on the link to provide your e-mail address.  I will e-mail you the class objectives each week.

Curriculum Night is Tuesday , September 13. It is in our classroom 203 from 6:00 - 7:00 pm.


Students will be exploring the importance of taking care of books.  The first step in taking care of books is to appreciate their value. I will ask students if they have a favorite book, and to explain what they like about it. I will point out that thinking about favorite books and the reasons they are favorites can help students as they make choices about books they'd like to read in the future. Also, as students share their appreciation for different books, they may inspire others to read them as well.

Students will identify nouns and adjectives.  We will compare a complete sentence to a sentence fragment.

Reading homework includes reading 20 minutes each night.  The 20 minutes should include time when you read to your child and when your child reads independently. 


Students will learn the six traits of good writing as they participate in writing a class cinquain.  A cinquain is a poem that organizes the words into a pattern.  There is no writing homework at this time, and we will work on this skill for several weeks.  We will also study the naming part and action part of a sentence. 


Students will study place values.  They will learn numbers in terms of tens, ones, and hundreds in a place value chart.

Math Homework:  

Students will need to memorize addition and subtraction facts to 20. Students can start practicing double addition facts 7+7, 9+9 etc.  Practice with flash cards or just ask your child the math facts.  I will send an extra math practice book home after Curriculum Night. 

Social Studies:

Students will learn about empathy for others.


Students will study the Air and Weather unit in September.