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Become a Minnesota Reading or Math Corps Tutor
Friday, October 25, 2013 8:30 AM

Whether you’re looking to explore a new career in education, re-enter the workforce, or you simply want to work with youth, working as a Minnesota Math or Reading Corps tutor at Burroughs might be right for you. Tutors are parents, grandparents, recent college grads and mid-career professionals who want to explore life in a school, connect with students and create lasting change.
Extensive training and a living stipend are provided for this 11-month commitment.  More information about becoming a reading tutor or a math tutor is available on the Burroughs website.
To apply for a math tutor position, visit www.MinnesotaMathCorps.org.
To apply for a reading tutor position, visit www.MinnesotareadingCorps.org
Have questions? Contact recruitment@mnedc.org or call (866) 859-2825.