Birthday's in Room 142

·      What day will my child celebrate his birthday in school?

o  We will celebrate each student’s birthday during the school year. If the birthday falls on a Saturday, we will celebrate on Friday, and Sunday birthdays will be celebrated on Monday. Those children who have a summer birthdays or birthdays during a school break can pick a day during the year to celebrate their birthday in school. Most students in that situation pick their half birthday to celebrate on

·      Can I bring a birthday treat to share?

o   No, food is not allowed in our classroom. We have decided NOT to have treats shared during our birthday celebrations due to all of the allergies and special diets of students. Some students choose to bring in a “goody bag” or little gift for their classmates instead (pencil, stickers, etc).

·   How do you celebrate?

o   Show and Tell: We thought that is would be a good time for students to share something that is important or special to them. It is not the time to bring the latest toy, but something that is truly special to your child. For example, they could bring in a picture of family or a special event or a blanket or other object that has sentimental value to share in our circle. We will play a guessing game with the class around what they bring. It would be best to send the item in a grocery bag so it can be a surprise to the class until they have guessed what is in the bag. 

o   Birthday song: We have a special way of singing in kindergarten!

o   Birthday crown!

o   Line leader for the day!

·      Can parents come on the student’s birthday?

o   Parents or a special guest are welcome to come in and read a story to the class on your child's special day. Please email me to set up a time that works in our schedule. You are also welcome to sign up to be the center-time volunteer for that day. See the Volunteer Calendar for available days.