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BRAVE at Burroughs
Monday, September 15, 2014 9:10 AM

Have you seen the word BRAVE at Burroughs lately?

It’s part of our mission statement:

“ Our mission is a commitment to inspire all students to be College, Career, & Life Ready, well-educated with a sense of determination, bravery, and the capacity to fulfill their aspirations.  Burroughs students will be Global Citizens who give back to society and continue to be life-long learners.”

This summer a staff committee met several times and developed a student recognition recess and classroom program.  During the first week of school we held grade level assemblies and played the catchy song “Brave”.  We shared with the students that being Brave is standing up for kindness, for care, and for what is right.  We shared that BRAVE means Building Relationships Assisting and Valuing Everyone. 

At Burroughs we are assisting our students as they learn how to……… solve problems during recess, help a classmate by sticking up for them, change the way I think about a game, share school ground equipment, stop a behavior when asked by a friend.  Remembering,  “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” 

Each Monday morning a small group of students who have been nominated by the recess staff or their teacher for their bravery are called to the office and given a nomination certificate for their bravery.  The nominations are in the main foyer – down by the cafeteria.  We are learning that our students are very BRAVE!!  They are BRAVE above and beyond the normal taking turns or cleaning up after yourself – an action or words that demonstrates real bravery and takes courage.

We invite you all to join us in our effort, listen to the words of the song “Brave”.  Ask yourself how important is it to be Burroughs Brave, speak the truth, and show kindness to one another? Ask your child if they have been Burroughs BRAVE today!