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Burroughs PTA Bylaws are Out of Date
Tuesday, March 21, 2017 7:40 AM

Please Review Proposed Changes 

The Bylaws that govern the Burroughs PTA were last updated 5 years ago. A few changes to those rules are needed to create a more responsive organization to the needs of the Burroughs community. For example, the current Executive Board has proposed:

  1. Adding a new Volunteer Coordinator position to increase communication of volunteer opportunities for parents
  2. Providing greater support to the significant financial management responsibilities that a large and well-funded PTA requires.

See the Burroughs website to review the proposed amendments to the bylaws. If PTA members would like to suggest additional amendments, please contact Lesley Farmer. Discussion of proposed amendments will take place at the March 28 PTA meeting; action to change the bylaws will follow at the April meeting.