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Celebrate Read-a-Thon Success!
Tuesday, March 21, 2017 8:15 AM

A HUGE thank you to the fifth graders, their parents, and their teachers for the hard work and support they put into the 2017 Read-a-Thon opening and closing ceremonies.  They did an amazing job helping Edward complete his journey—pie and all!

Burroughs students read 2,745,598 minutes and raised $95,027 and now they deserve a celebration! Hobo Hank’s Pizza Party and the Overboard Ice Cream Party will take place this week. Click here for party dates & times, as well as detailed ingredient information on the products that will be served. A big thank you to Davanni's for the discount that makes the Read-a-Thon Party Week possible!

Volunteers Needed
Sign up here to help serve ice cream to our hungry readers on Tuesday & Wednesday, March 21 & 22. Contact Cheryl Hudson if you are interested in volunteering at the pizza and/or principal parties.