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Charlotte’s Web Spins Toward 2 Million Reading Minutes
Monday, February 04, 2013 3:20 PM

The 2013 Burroughs Read-a-thon started with some good-old-fashioned fair fun at the opening ceremony last Friday. Playing the part of the Major and Fair Judge, Mr. Cadotte challenged the children at Burroughs to read 2 million minutes collectively in February. If they reach this lofty goal, he will kiss a pig. Well pucker up, Wilbur, because these kids are ready to read!

Prizes will be awarded to all participants, and top readers and top fundraisers will have a chance to win a Kindle. There will be fun and delicious parties for all classes with 100% participation. Keep track of minutes read and minutes your children are read to. Don’t forget to ask your place of business about corporate sponsorship. Check the information packets sent home on Friday for more information. Read-a-thon information is also available on Facebook.