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Congratulations Burroughs Fun-Runners!
Monday, December 15, 2014 6:55 PM

Burroughs students, staff, families and friends challenged themselves to a continuous run in the gym during the "Burroughs Family Fun Run." More than 375 people participated with our students including 271 parents, 50 grandparents, 29 friends/nannies/alumni, 10 staff and 15 "junior citizens."

The goal for a continuous run for each grade were:

Kindergarten - 15 minutes

First grade - 20 minutes

Second grade - 25 minutes

Third grade - 30 minutes

Fourth grade - 35 minutes

Fifth grade - 40 minutes

Many students challenged themselves to run an extra 5 minutes beyond the goal. Congratulations Burroughs Family Fun-Runners for your hard work and dedication to fitness!