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Congratulations to the Burroughs Destination Imagination Team!
Tuesday, May 31, 2016 8:25 AM

The Burroughs Destination Imagination team (called The B.O.S.S.) earned first place in both the regional and state tournaments, which advanced the team to the Global Finals this past week. The Finals were attended by 17,000 competing students from 21 countries. There were 80 teams in their division, and they achieved 8th place! They also earned the third highest score for their Instant Challenge. The team, composed of Avery R., Ellery D., Erik W., Marcus W., Nora S., Reece W., and Xander K., had a great experience. Destination Imagination is an amazing program, and this Burroughs team has really shone on the world stage. Thanks to everyone who supported the team along the way!