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District Needs Family Input on Calendar
Tuesday, October 13, 2015 8:40 AM

Take a short survey to let planners know your priorities for the next three school years.

Minneapolis Public Schools is developing a district calendar for the next three years (SY2016-17, SY2017-18, SY2018-19) that balances the needs of families, schools, and community members while meeting the educational requirements of our students.

We want input about YOUR needs and preferences for the district calendar. When do you think MPS should place the first day of school... before or after Labor Day? How important to you is a last day of school in EARLY June? Are you willing to shorten Winter or Spring break to end earlier?

Please take five minutes to share your thoughts about Minneapolis Public Schools' calendar for the next three years. Take the survey here. The survey will be open until October 22, 2015. Please encourage your friends and neighbors to take the survey as well. For families that do not have access to technology to take the survey, hard copies may be requested at their school's office or the front desk of the Davis Service Center.