Everything You Need To Know About Kindergarten :)

Dear Families,

Welcome to kindergarten at Burroughs Community School! I hope all of you had a relaxing and fun summer!  I am looking forward to being your child’s teacher this year.  We have an exciting year ahead of us!  Here is information about everything you need to know for our classroom and school policies:


Home-School Folder and Word of the Day

Each child will receive a “Home-School Folder” that we expect them to bring to school every day. Anything that is placed in the “Read and Remove” side of the folder can be taken out and left at home. The other side is “Sign and Return,” where I will put forms that need to be filled out and returned to school. Pease check your child’s backpack every day and return the folder to school. Any messages or flyers will be in the folder. On the first day, this packet is FULL of info! Please read carefully through this packet and keep it for reference. 

Absences/ Bussing or Pick up Changes

Every time that your child will be absent (whether planned or sickness) please communicate that to me and also to the school office (612-668-3280). If it is a planned vacation, doctor appointment, etc., please send a written note in the Home-School Folder. For planned vacations, you will need to complete the “Family Activity Form” and be approved for your vacation, if your student will be missing school. Also, if your child’s end of the day routine (bussing, pick-up, Spanish class, Minneapolis kids) changes, I need to know by hand-written note. We do not let students change their end of the day routine with verbal permission, it must be written permission. Also, we do not give bus passes for children to go home with friends. This is very important!!



We do not give homework every night. We highly suggest reading for 20 minutes with your child each night.  Our philosophy about homework is that it is meant to facilitate discussion about what we are learning and help parents extend the learning to the home. 


Food in Kindergarten

Breakfast is offered for free to every student. They may get a breakfast and bring it to our room in the morning. We do not have snack time in kindergarten. Also, due to concerns about allergies and special diets, we request that parents do not send in treats for any reason, including birthdays.  According to Burroughs policy, no food items can be brought for any celebrations or birthdays at school. Food, candy and/or beverages will not be used for rewards.


Volunteering in Kindergarten   

To volunteer in our room, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Fill out Volunteer form online or at Curriculum Night (Done once per school year).
  2. Watch Volunteer Video online or at Curriculum Night (Only need to watch once while your child is at Burroughs).
  3. Turn in your certificate of completion to the office (Done once per school year).
  4. Get on your classroom’s schedule, on Google docs (Done monthly).
  5. Come on in and help out!  J


Burroughs Website and Classroom Websites

A great way to stay connected to the Burroughs community is to regularly check the Burroughs website and your child’s classroom website.  There, you can find a school calendar, information about upcoming events, and much more.  The website is http://burroughs.mpls.k12.mn.us/.  Bookmark it for easy access!  From the Burroughs website, you can follow the link to your child’s classroom site.


Email Group

We want to be available to you during the school year and one important way of communicating with parents is through email.  In addition to the weekly homework packets mentioned earlier, we will be emailing a weekly update every Monday.  This weekly update will include the week’s homework packet, the weekly newsletter, the weekly phonics stories, and any other important notices.  Email also is a great way for you to drop me a note if, for example, your child is getting picked up or will be absent.  Please note, however, that I usually do not check my email during the school day.  I only check it before or after school, so if you have an urgent message please call the school.  This is especially important if your email is urgent or contains a change in bussing for that day.  It would be better to just call the school with that kind of information (612-866-3280).


Birthdays in Kindergarten

We will celebrate each student’s birthday during the school year. If the birthday falls on a Saturday, we will celebrate on Friday, and Sunday birthdays will be celebrated on Monday. Those children who have a summer birthdays or birthdays during a school break can pick a day during the year to celebrate their birthday in school.  We have decided NOT to have treats shared during our birthday celebrations due to all of the allergies and special diets of students. We thought that is would be a good time for students to share something that is important or special to them. We don’t call this show and tell and it is not the time to bring the latest toy, but something that is truly special to your child. For example, they could bring in a picture of family or a special event or a blanket or other object that has sentimental value to share in our circle.  We will play a guessing game with the class around what they bring. It would be best to send the item in a grocery bag so it can be a surprise to the class until they have guessed what is in the bag


Dropping Off and Picking Up Your Child

At Burroughs, we have a great system in the mornings and afternoons for drop off and pick up. With over 800 students coming in and out of the building, it is important for the safety of everyone that you know the guidelines. 

Dropping Off in the morning:

  1. If you are dropping off your child, drive into the circle by the front door. 
  2. Adults do not get out of their car.  Students hop out quickly.
  3. You may not park in the circle at any time.  If you need to come in, find a parking spot and walk in with your child, please

Picking Up Students During the School Day (For an appointment, etc)

  1. Park and come into the office.
  2. Sign out your child.
  3. The office staff will call to the teacher and your child will walk down to meet you in the office.
  4. If your child is returning to school after an appointment, please walk him or her back in and sign her back in to school.  

Picking Up Students After School (for both AM and PM kindergarten)

  1. Park and walk into the atrium.  Your child will walk through the atrium with his or her teacher.  Please meet your child in the atrium, and do not go to the classroom.
  2. After 3pm, please do not drive into the Main Entrance Circle.  This area is for busses.
  3. If you are later than 3:40pm, you can meet your child in the school office.  Please be prompt.  Kindergarten classes walk out to the atrium at 12:05am and 3:30pm.

Coming to School Late

  1. If your child arrives later than 9:10am (for AM students) or 12:40pm (for PM students), and adult must walk the child into the main office and sign in on the tardy roster. 
  2. Please be prompt!  We do keep track of late arrivals!


Any more questions?

We hope this packet has been helpful to you!  Please keep it for reference throughout the school year.  Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any questions about Burroughs Kindergarten procedures or policies.  We are excited to get the school year started and look forward to getting to know your student and family!