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Final Stretch of Read-A-Thon Festivities
Monday, March 02, 2015 3:10 PM

Tracking minutes for Read-A-Thon ended on Saturday, February 28. Now is the time to add up minutes your child read at home, at school and the minutes tracked by teachers. Here's your to-do list before Friday, March 6:

  • Complete a Tally Form for each student with the calculated total number of minutes read.
  • A parent must sign the Tally Form.
  • Place the Tally Form, Pledge Form and funds raised in the envelope provided (funds raised online are collected electronically).
  • Check or checks are preferred to cash, please. Checks make Tally Night (the night volunteers tally funds raised and the school's minutes) go smoothly.
  • Indicate that you raised funds online on the back of the envelope.

Turn in the forms and funds to classroom teachers no later than Friday, March 6.  

When every child in the classroom turns in a signed Tally Form, the classroom wins an ice cream party!  

Read-A-Thon Closing Ceremony is March 20. Pizza parties take place over lunch on March 23 and are won by the class in each grade that has the most minutes read. Ice cream parties take place March 24 and March 25.