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Get Involved in the Silent Auction: Host a Gathering!
Monday, October 07, 2013 10:45 AM

Great Gatherings are themed parties, intimate dinners, grade-level gatherings, or family activities hosted by other Burroughs families. We need YOU as a host! You (and co-hosts) create a party idea and set a location and date. Tickets for your gathering are sold at the auction with all proceeds benefitting the Burroughs Fund. Past events have included “Mistletoe and Martinis,” “Family Barbecue Bash,” “Pub & Trivia Night,” and “First Grade Mom’s Brunch.” We are looking for new hosts this year for adult-only events, guy-only events, mom-only events and family events. Maybe it’s you? We’re happy to help with ideas. Great Gatherings are the best way to meet new friends at Burroughs while supporting the school and its staff. For more information, contact Meredith Jurek, Sarah Hoek, Julie Wicklund, Regina Folken, or Catherine Lipinsky.