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Green Eggs and Ham for Cadotte?
Monday, February 03, 2014 11:40 AM

Last Friday’s opening ceremony for the 2014 Burroughs Community Read-a-thon began with a challenge to both the students and Mr. Cadotte. The students must collectively read 2 million minutes. If they meet this challenge, Principal Cadotte will down the dish “green eggs and ham,” made famous by beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss in his book by the same name. “Green Eggs and Ham” is our featured book and is the theme for this year’s Read-a-thon.


Your child should have brought home a Read-a-thon student information packet on Friday. In the packet, you will find a pledge form to help organize pledges. You will also find a tally sheet calendar for tracking minutes read each day. Your child’s teacher will track minutes read as a group at school and will send those numbers home at the end of the month so you can add them to the tally sheet. Please help your child solicit pledges and keep track of the minutes he or she is read to, and the minutes he or she reads. Encourage children to read every day throughout the month of February, which is also national reading month.


At the end of the month, please calculate the total minutes read for the month. On or before March 7, please return the tally sheet with the pledge form and money raised. If you misplace your packet, you can pick one up in the office or print one from the Burroughs website.


Online fundraising is a popular option. You can set up a fundraising page online; instructions are provided in the student information packet.


Fundraising through reading has been a winning strategy at Burroughs Community School. The emphasis is on inspiring young readers to read more. Additionally, money raised finances the budget for the Burroughs PTA and funds many of the library supplies, physical education supplies, classroom supplies and field trips the Burroughs students enjoy.