January 16, 2017


Dear Parents,


That’s all I can say is WOW and OMG!! The children far surpassed any expectations that I had set in my head.  I had complete faith that they would come in costumes, recite their parts and get into their frozen positions. Little did I know that they would put their hearts and souls into the program and look like real statues in the Wax Museum. I couldn’t have been prouder of them if they were my own children. And they were so well behaved and poised. This program is the ultimate joy of teaching. Thank you for helping your child write his/her script. Thank you for helping your child practice and feel comfortable with the process. Thank you for helping your child decide on a frozen position. Thank you for the fabulous costumes; they were so creative. Thank you for overseeing the creation of a project. Every year they seem to get better and better. Thank you to all of you who contributed food for our celebration and helped set up the gym and clear it out. I’d like to give an extra shout out to Rachel, Theo’s mom and Sam, Josie K’s dad who met me in the gym at 7:15 in the morning to finish setting up and to Gerry, Lukas’ dad who schlepped furniture into the gym and back after it was over. (that word is just so descriptive) But most of all thank you for all you do to make my job so much easier. I can always dream big and with you at my side, those dreams become real. I do think that in 30 years of teaching, the Wax Museum continues to be my favorite endeavor. I know that the children felt the same way. 


There is one  other big thank you that I need to express. That goes to Liz, Henry’s mom. Henry’s dad who was take the video of our performance and interview all the children, had his flight canceled while he was out of town and sadly missed the show. Liz stepped up and got a video guy from their company and accomplished the task. So many kudos to you. 


I was so happy that our Area Superintendent, Ron Wagner, was once again at the Wax Museum. He was in awe  and told me that seeing this event is always the highlight of his month. He again wanted to know how the children were able to perform like they did and I once again reiterated to him about my philosophy, that I have very  high expectations and I set my standards very high. I explained that throughout my teaching career, I have found my students to rise to the occasion, no matter how high I set the bar. Once again my students proved me right! You can also imagine how thrilled I was to see Superintendent Graff in the gym. I had invited him a while ago and was crossing my fingers that he would show up .He told me that he could not believe his eyes when he looked around the gym. He took a picture of each child and says that he is tweeting the pictures out. What a wonderful compliment to the children in Room 235!


Aren’t you glad that you don’t have to read any more instructions for the Wax Museum. I must say that all of you followed them perfectly and would get an A+. Don’t you worry, there are many instructions coming down the road.  Although we will soon reach our 100th day of first grade, there will be plenty of projects until we reach day 176 and lots of memories to make. (Wait until I get on my band wagon about the Read-A-Thon!)  I want to remind you that our fabulous, kleenex needing Spring Performance is on Friday evening, May 12th. It will be another one of those fabulous memories from first grade. It’s an event that is worth a plane ride for grandparents that live out of town. Just to remind you, here are some other important dates:


Tuesday, February 14th at 2:00

Valentine’s Party


Friday, March 10th in the afternoon

A Very Special Visitor Comes to Room 235  (It’s a secret)


Friday, June 9th at about 2:15

“Little Red Riding Hood” Author’s Celebration


Sunday, June 12th 

Room 235’s Class Picnic For All Of Our Families


Tuesday, June 14th

Last Day of First Grade Picnic



The children will be having their MAP tests every morning this coming week. Please make sure that your child gets a good night’s sleep each night and eats a good breakfast as well. I am writing this letter on Saturday, rather than on Sunday or Monday because I want to give you some terms that I would like for you to discuss with your child before the MAP test is given. These include:

a. nouns

b. verbs

c. adjectives

d. synonyms

e. antonyms

f. compound words

g. contractions

h. myth

i. fable

j. legend

k. the parts of a nonfiction book such as table of contents, index, glossary, caption, heading 

l. quotation marks

m. that the apostrophe and an “s”  after a noun means possession

n. difference between fact and opinion

o. difference between fiction and nonfiction

p. what the main idea of a story is and supporting details

q. symmetry

r. congruence - (we looked at different shapes and picked out the ones that were congruent with each other because of the shape and size) 

s. obtuse, acute and right angles

t. quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon and octagon


Whew! That’s a lot. I hope that when you say a term like “noun”, that your child doesn’t shrug his/her shoulders. If that happens, it’s an excellent time to review. 


I will be giving new spelling words this week. Since it’s a short week, there will be fewer days for studying. Please make sure that your child practices his/her words especially if he/she is in the blue group. Some are having difficulty spelling their words.


If you would like your child to order Scholastic books, please try to have the order in by Tuesday. You can either order on line or give me the order and a check. 


Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for making the Wax Museum such an awe-inspiring experience for the children and for all who attended. I might have the grand ideas, but I could never see them to fruition without your never-ending support.