Jeanie Rowe


I began working in the autism program at Olson School in December of 1993, and then joined the staff at Ramsey School in September of 1994 when a new autism program opened there.  I have worked in and out of the classroom with kindergarteners through eighth graders, with most of my years being spent in grades two through five.  I have a B.A. in sociology from Grinnell College in Iowa, and started my career in Minneapolis working with adults with developmental disabilities.  During that time I developed a particular interest in working with individuals with autism, and decided that I was interested in working in education with children.  I have enjoyed all the challenges and rewards of working with students with autism, as well as their peers, and many different teachers and families.  I enjoy finding different ways to help students learn and succeed through all aspects of their school experience.

When I am not working, I enjoy the outdoors; biking, walking, gardening, canoeing, kayaking, and camping.  When I am not outside, I enjoy reading and playing drums, piano, and saxophone, and studying Spanish (it's never too late to learn something new!)  I also love photography, particularly of nature and people in action.

I look forward to the challenges and excitement of beginning with a new program at Burroughs, and look forward to meeting and working with the entire community here.