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Keep Clipping Box Tops!
Tuesday, February 14, 2017 7:50 AM

Congratulations to Mr. Torline's 2nd grade class for bringing in 503 Box Tops during December and January! They will celebrate with a board game party later this month.

During December and January, Burroughs received $342.00 in Box Tops! February is off to a great start with $XX.XX so far.

If you've been saving up Box Tops, now is a great time to send them in. Burroughs receives two checks each year from Box Tops for Education, and the next deadline is this month. Please be sure to clip carefully, both the code and expiration need to be included.

The Lysol Bonus deal is still going on as well. Check out the Burroughs parent Facebook group or email Lara Tickle for more info. 140 of Mr. Torline's Box Tops came via the Bonuses!

Be sure and check out the bulletin board to see your child's class total & the progress towards our goal when you come to conferences!