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Letter from Mr. Cadotte
Monday, November 11, 2013 11:10 AM

Dear Families,

I hope to see many of you at this year’s “Fall for Burroughs” Silent Auction. This is a great event that provides parents a chance for some “grown up” time and an opportunity to mingle with other Burroughs parents. I want to thank all of the parents who have worked so hard organizing this special event.

I am happy to tell you about our special “Fund a Need” project this year. As a part of the Silent Auction, I am asked to identify an area that really needs attention. This year, I have selected our playground. I have already met with the district architect and shared my wish list of much needed updates and additions:

  • Almost 2000 square feet of additional hard surface
  • An additional ‘4 Square’ area
  • An additional basketball hoop
  • A two-swing swing-set
  • An additional bench for seating

Historically, I have been a champion for textbooks and technology. When I step back and watch the students at recess and after school, I can see how desperate we are for some additional space to just play. Our goal for all of this work is $27,000. Please help our students and community by giving an extra check or other form of donation to this important cause.

Happy 10th Anniversary…Our beautiful school is now 10 years old! If you get the opportunity, please look in the Atrium for some beautiful new displays. You’ll find “Burroughs Beanies” from the 1940s and the original flag that was raised in August of 2003. Please also study the amazing artifact donated to Burroughs from Mary Carson; she attended the very first Kindergarten class in 1921.

Save the Date: Thanks4Giving Day “Round 2”…Last year Burroughs hosted a very special event of community giving. The goal is to make Black Friday matter. This project is coordinated through the efforts of SOS (Save Our Schools http://saveourschoolstoday.org/), and involves collecting donations of new school supplies, new & gently used outerwear, clothing, books and toys. All donations go to Minneapolis Public Schools with more than 90% of students under the poverty line.

Three Ways to Donate

  1. Donate in advance, and SOS will shop for you. (In the designation area on the payment screen, select "Thanks4Giving Day.)
  2. Bring a gift card to Burroughs on November 29, and SOS will shop for you.
  3. Bring your donations to Burroughs. Donation tubs will be in the Atrium.

Or pull in to our drop-off circle to deliver your donation on:

Thanks4Giving Day
Friday, November 29
9 am - 1 pm

Just some editorializing from your Principal…

I have had a few opportunities to spend some time chatting with Mike Nelson and Josh Thelemann from SOS. I wanted to know more about the work that founder Josh Thelemann and his team have dedicated themselves to. The group is made up of eight young people, all under the age of 25. Since they are all employed, this mission is accomplished in addition to their careers. I know we sometimes get inundated with negative images of younger generations, but after talking with Mike and Josh about how important giving back is to this group, I have to say there is great hope for the future. You will find many terrific quotes and philosophies at their website, but I wanted to include the tagline Josh has on his emails; it would be very powerful for us all to try…

“Leave the world a better place than how you found it; that way we all win.”

Winter Wear…The weather is changing, and students will need to have warmer jackets, hats, and mittens/gloves for recess. As soon as we see snow, boots will be required.

SAFETY ALERT…Please do not be on your cell phone when dropping off your child in the “drop-off” circle in the morning. There are many children and cars…it requires your full attention.

Thank you,

Tim Cadotte