Level III

Level III Services

(SOME students will receive differentiation of core curriculum to provide greater depth, complexity, and intellectual demand)

Describe the Grouping Structure(s) for advanced learners at each grade level (e.g., Total Cluster Grouping, self-contained, regrouping for specific subjects, etc.):

3rd-5th grades: Regrouping for telescoped math classes

1st-5th grades: small group instruction within classroom for literacy advanced differentiation units

Describe which teachers have been trained in Advanced Learner Education and how they have been matched with identified students:

Please ask your child's teacher or the administration for this information.

Describe how continuous academic growth of advanced learners will be monitored throughout the year:

Advanced Learner Learning Targets on 1st-5th grade report cards

Student assessments and rubrics tied to Advanced Differentiation units in literacy

Formative assessment in core- preassessment, postassessment