Linda Frederickson

Linda Frederickson- Library Media Specialist
I started teaching at Richfield Junior High as a Social Studies teacher. I taught there for seven years. I have been a Media Specialist for over 12 years, most of which have been in Minneapolis Public Schools.  I have taught at Kenwood, Lake Harriet, Kenny and most recently Seward. My family and I did spend two years in Japan where I worked for DoDDS. It is nice to come to Burroughs, my neighborhood school, and see so many familiar faces. My youngest son, Clark, went here and now goes to Ramsey.  I also have a son in high school and a son in college.  I like to spend my free time traveling, cooking, enjoying outdoor activities or sports and, of course, reading.
I just wanted to explain my approach with Media, because I think I do things a little differently than how they have been done in the past at Burroughs.  Most schools have library and technology taught as one subject- media. I basically break the 55-minute period into three parts: Reading, Check-out, and Computers.
Reading: For the younger students I will choose shorter books, such as picture books, from a variety of areas- fiction and non- fiction.  For the older grades I will read chapter books. For example, for 3rd  graders I might read Frindle.
Check-out: I go over how to look up books using our circulation system (at home, in the classroom, and the library)
Library Skills-using guide words, key words and dictionary skills.
Computers: I have the little kids use the computers as well, typing their ABC’s and checking out books. 
These are the areas I try to cover in the 55 minutes of class.  Depending on what skill I am working on I divide the time accordingly.