MAP Testing and Moon Homework

Tomorrow at 10:30am is our second visit to computer lab 318.  Everyone in our class has completed the MAP math test.  Tomorrow we will do the reading test.  Here are my three most important pieces of advice for the reading test:

  1. Take...      your...      time.        Work....      slowly.                            We have an hour in the lab.  Everyone should use at least 35 minutes.  Reading carefully takes time.
  2. Before you read a story, poem, or article read the questions for it first.
  3. Read ALL the answer choices before you pick the best one.

Students, if you folllow that advice and do your best, then you have done your job with the MAP.  

Because we will be testing at 10:30, we will not go to Media until 2:25pm.  

Today somebody (I'm not going to say who) asked, "Hey, will we get mints during the test?"  I checked on that.  I can bring some :)  So, parents, if that's OK with you, I will have two mints per student.  Parents, if you prefer your child to skip the mints, please email me.

Regarding the moon homework tonight please check the previous post.