Mindfulness at Burroughs

The social-emotional well-being of our students, staff, and families is important to us. PTA is proud to provide funding for a mindfulness program in our learning community. Please explore to see what our students and staff have learned in class. This information can also be used as a resource to support learning and connect with your child in a positive way. It is amazing what our children can teach us!

If you have questions, please email Ms. Jen (jen@wiseowlmindfulness.com).

Please explore with an open mind and an open heart. Enjoy! 


What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness can be defined in many different ways. Mindful Schools defines mindfulness as “A moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, emotions, sensations, and surrounding environment.” Here at Burroughs, the following definition helps us with our understanding by breaking it down into three parts: “Mindfulness is being aware of the present moment with kindness.”

aware = notice; pay attention

present moment = now (vs. past or future)

kindness = caring; no judgement; being nice to self and others


Benefits of Mindfulness in Education:

- improves attention and focus

- teaches emotional regulation

- increases awareness and adaptability

- grows compassion for self and others

- calms the body and mind

- improves resilience and gives greater balance

For more information about Mindfulness, benefits, research, courses, etc. please go to: mindfulschools.org

*Family Challenge: Step outside and pause for a mindful moment. Be still and quiet and notice as many things as you can. What do you see if you look up and look down? Can you hear any sounds that are far away? Sounds that are close by? What is the weather like? How do you feel? This is one way to practice mindfulness. Enjoy! 


Meet Our Mindfulness Educator

Thank you for your interest in mindfulness at Burroughs! My name is Jen Feriancek and I have the great privilege of sharing Mindfulness with the Burroughs Learning Community.

Thanks to an innovative program funded by the Burroughs PTA, I was able to introduce Mindfulness to the students, staff, and families in the spring of 2017.  The PTA generously funded the continuation of the mindfulness program at Burroughs for the 2017-2018 school year. I am a Licensed K-6 teacher, a Certified Mindfulness Instructor with Mindful Schools, and the proud mom of a Burroughs graduate. If you have any questions about the mindfulness program or would like to share fun ways your family is practicing Mindfulness at home, please email:  jen@wiseowlmindfulness.com

Again, I would like to thank the PTA for their generosity and support of the social-emotional well being of our students, staff, and families. I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing learning community!

With gratitude,

- Ms. Jen