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New This Year: Student Council at Burroughs
Tuesday, March 14, 2017 8:20 AM

This is the the first year of the Burroughs Student Council, and students were eager to get involved. Student Council consists of three representatives from each of the fifth-grade classrooms, with new representatives chosen at the beginning of the second semester. The reps meet twice a month with Math Specialist Melissa Favero and Advanced Differentiation Specialist Teri Emery, who both wanted to help develop leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making skills among the students.

The first-semester Student Council focused on selecting a school mascot. The representatives began by brainstorming and surveying fifth-grade students for mascot ideas. After several rounds of voting to narrow the list of the mascot choices, Student Council presented a final school-wide ballot for all Burroughs students and teachers, resulting in the school choosing Bobcats as the mascot. Student Council then began the process for gathering logo ideas for the Burroughs Bobcats.
The second-semester Student Council has been gathering entries from students for logo designs. They are in the process of determining how to narrow the logo design options and to have all Burroughs students vote on a Burroughs Bobcats logo.
Student Council also has started to assist with paper recycling from our classrooms on Fridays.
Student Council representative Isaac says, "I think Student Council is fun because we get to be involved with the school."
Another Student Council rep, Naye-Taye, says, "I like Student Council because we get to share ideas for how to make our school better."