Parent Letter 2/1/2015


February 1, 2015
Dear Parents,
Can you believe that it is February already? Where did the year go! Each day at morning meeting a child writes the number of the days we have been in school. According to our calculations, we have been in school 94 days and the 100th day is next Monday. That will be a busy week since our Valentine’s party will be that Wednesday. If you have not as yet sent in the pink paper stating if you can donate supplies and help out at stations at our party, please send it to school tomorrow. After school Jasmine, Ceriah’s mom, and I will be planning the stations for the party. If anyone else is able to attend and give your input, please just show up. I will be sending home a list of the children in our class so that your child can get started writing his/her valentine cards. Please make sure that your child writes a card for everyone in the class. You can attach candy to the card or send a bag if you would like to do that.  The candy must stay in the children’s valentine’s bags until they get home. You will notice on the class list that Jose’s name has been removed. Sadly his family moved to north Minneapolis so he is attending a new school. It really breaks my heart because he was making wonderful progress and is such a sweet and kind child. As of now I don’t know which school he will be attending. When I find out, I will have the children make cards for him.
When the children returned from the opening ceremony of the Read-a-Thon, they were so pumped up to read and read and read some more during the month of February. I sure hope that this feeling stays with them during the next 28 days as well as throughout their lives. Please make sure that you fill in the number of minutes your child has read at home each day. (hopefully they will be big numbers) At the end of the month, your child will get a sticker telling you how many class minutes were read during the month, so you don’t have to concern yourself with that each day. I explained to the children that the minutes each day at home are determined by how many minutes they read to themselves, read to another person in the house, or someone reads to them. This Wednesday your child will be receiving his/her first Read-a-Thon homework. Your child will be asked to fill in some information that he/she is currently reading at home. On Thursday morning before your child goes to school, please fill in the number of minutes he/she read on Wednesday as well as on Thursday morning. I told the children about this special homework (that will be the only homework on Wednesday nights) and they are very excited to us their calculators on Thursday afternoon to fill in the class total.  Each week we try to increase our total score. So let’s all work together to get gigantic numbers!!!
If you are able to come to read in our class sometime during the month of February, please sign up on the google doc. I believe that the link to sign up was sent to the parents. If you are having difficulty finding he document, please let me know and I will resend the link. 
I have blacked out many of the 2:30 times. I did not make the document and I had asked that the afternoon time be at 2:50.  I am sure that the sign up form was made the same for all teachers, so when you sign up for an afternoon time, it is at 2:50 or 3:00, whichever fits with your schedule. The morning time works as well. Please bring some books from home that you have selected with your child’s input. I would appreciate it if you sign up to read just once so that we have plenty of open slots for everyone. Thanks so much for doing this. 
As you know conferences are on Thursday,  February 12th after school and all day Friday, February 13th. I did get the MAP scores and I will share them with you. I was so happy with the results. Way to go children in Room 235!  The window for conference sign ups opens tomorrow morning. The link for that is 
If none of those times work, please let me know. We can always meet before school or when school ends. 
This week we will continue learning about penguins and we will begin learning how to write bullets about this fascinating bird. We will also continue our unit on opinion writing. In math we will be comparing the heights and weights of different animals. The children will have animal cards that they will order two ways, by height and weight. They will then use that information to write their observations about the differences of specific animals. I will share that paper with you at our conference.
Have a wonderful week.