November 13, 2016


November 13, 2016


Dear Parents,


The preparation for our Wax Museum is officially under way. Thank you for helping your child pick his/her famous person. Every child has made that selection and I am excited to say that this year there are some famous people that have never been portrayed before. The children are so excited about the Wax Museum even though it’s a while away.


Since most of the children have brought in his/her yellow sheet about the selected famous person, we are ready to launch the next step of the Wax Museum process. (You don’t need to send back the book until January as you probably want to refer to it for project and costume ideas.) Tomorrow I will be giving back the yellow form to your child as well as two note cards. The information from the yellow form needs to be transferred to these note cards. Please keep one of the cards at home and send one to school byFriday,November 18th.  I would like your child to begin by writing on the card “Good morning or any greeting like that. (if the person is for example Spanish the greeting can be in Spanish) My name is 

              . I was born in             and died (if pertinent) in            . I am most famous for                  (or some other words that mean the same thing). Three other important facts about me are             . An ending such as “Thank you for coming today” or I appreciate you spending time learning about my life” or any other ending you think appropriate would be the last sentence to write on the note card. I think it would be best for a parent to write the info on the note card unless your child can write neatly and small. You may also put the info on the computer and paste it on the card or print it directly onto the card. If the info does not fit on one side, write the remainder information on the back. It is best if only one note card is used. Please have your child practice reading the card at home. As soon as your child’s card comes back to school, he/she will practice reading the card in front of the class. In the past, after much practice, most children are able to memorize their words. Your child can read the card at the Wax Museum, but I’d like the words to be said without stumbling. Those who have memorized the card, will still have it on the floor near where they are standing so that if they get nervous, it is there for them to use. 


I will be attaching a copy of the format of the note card to the two cards that your child is bringing home, so that you be able to refer to it when completing this next task. That expression “It takes a village” certainly refers to all of us getting ready for this day in January, a day that your child or you will probably never forget. One last bit of information for now about the Wax Museum. Last week I send an e-mail to our new Superintendent about this fabulous event and he responded the next day that he was forwarding it to his secretary to check his schedule. The secretary wrote back that she adjusted his schedule so that he will be able to attend. How exciting is that! Our Area Superintendent will also be at that Wax Museum and tells me each time that he comes, that it is the highlight of his year. No pressure at all, but the bar has been set very high!!


We have been working hard on our “Small Moments” stories. I have been spending lots of time editing these stories with each child. If I run out of time, I will probably have some parent volunteers work on this editing process, so get your pencils sharpened. We will be having a celebration with parents in December and as soon as I get the date set, I will let you know so that you can put it on your calendars.


This week we will begin writing another book called the “Chick and the Duckling.” We will be reading the book by that name which compares the similarities and differences between these two birds. We will be completing a venn diagram which the children will use when they’re writing their own books. Since the pages of their books have speech bubbles that will need to be filled in, the children will learn how to use quotation marks.  We will be be sharing these books as well as our Small Moment stories at our celebration. 


Tomorrow you will be receiving a sheet asking you to send in an ingredient (s) for our Stone Soup. I would appreciate it if you could send in your items by this Friday, November 18th. I will make sure to refrigerate the items that need that. I would like all the items in by that date so that I can see if we’re missing any items before we make the soup on Monday, November 21st. Thanks in advance for your generosity. I hope that at least one parent from each family can attend this feast.


Many permission slips for the Minneapolis Institute of Art field trip  have been returned and so far I don’t have many parents who signed up to join us. 

The class is divided into two groups for the tour and since I can only be with one group, I need parents to join my group and be with the other group as well. If you can clear your calendars for a few hours on Tuesday, 

December 6th, your help will be greatly appreciated. 


If you would like to order Scholastic books for your child, please have the order in by this Friday. 


Have a great week.