November 27, 2016


November 27, 2016


Dear Parents,


When the alarm is turned off at the beginning of a break, you think to yourself that you have days to sleep in and relax. Usually that doesn’t happen and before you know it, the alarm is turned back on and you’re back to the very early wake ups. In other words where did the time go? I had a wonderful break with my family, not very relaxing, but full of joyful times. I hope that all of you enjoyed your family time and your child is ready to buckle down in school. 


This is going to be a crazy week in Room 235. Cogat testing, to identify the advanced learners, will take place on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Since twelve of my students are being tested, it will be difficult to keep to a normal schedule. On Tuesday we are going to see “Cinderella”. The play is long and has an intermission so we won’t return to school until about 1:15. We will be giving the children a snack during intermission since their lunch time that day will be so late. The buses leave at 9:30 so if you are a chaperone and plan to ride on the bus, please be in our room by 9:25.  If your are planning on meeting us at there, please let me know. 


To add to this mixed up week, the Minnesota Sinfonia will be performing on Friday morning. Sophie’s mom Carol

is a violinist and will be part of the orchestra so it will be very exciting for us to see her in the orchestra. With all of this going on starting tomorrow, yes there will be learning, but not as much as usual. I guess it’s called being flexible.


During our literacy block, we will be working on illustrating our Small Moment stories and making the covers. Please remember that the celebration is on Friday morning, December 9th. It was wonderful seeing all of you at our Stone Soup celebration and I hope that you have the time to be there on the 9th. 


We will also be spending time learning about contractions and we will continue to practice asking interpretive questions about a book that we have read. In math we will be doing subtraction problems past 10 and we will also be learning to tell time to the hour. Since so many of the children already have mastered this latter skill, we will be learning to tell time to the half hour in the coming weeks. 


We have only three weeks of school left before winter break and we have three major projects to complete during that period of time, all of which need lots of hands. 


And of course, I can’t write my weekly letter without talking about the Wax Museum. We spent time before break reading our note cards. Many of the children were very fluent, but there were many who could not do it. Please take time to have your child read the note card each day. I suspect that many will memorize the card, but the first step is fluent reading. If you have misplaced the card, just let me know and I will make a copy of it. I hope that all of the children will know their frozen positions by the end of the week. I know that there are so many steps involved to making sure that we have a wonderful Wax Museum, but again I say that it is so worth it. Thank you for your help in making this an event that you and your child will always remember.