October 9, 2016


October 9, 2016


Dear Parents,


I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weekend. I have been busy getting ready for Yom Kippur which is on Wednesday. (I will be absent and Mrs. Solum will be subbing again). For this holiday, we have to fast from sundown to sundown so before it begins Tuesday night, we eat and eat and eat. My daughter is having 34 people Tuesday evening and I’m sure glad it’s her and not me. Today I will be getting ready some dishes for both Tuesday and Wednesday nights (break the fast). I’m always glad when these holidays are over. 


Tomorrow is our last day of MAP testing. I will be sharing the results of these tests with you at our conference. Please remind your child tonight that they should be turtles and not hares when taking the test. I’m happy to say that nearly everyone in the class has signed up for a conference time. Thank you.


This week during our literacy bloc we will be learning how important it is to use schema when we’re selecting books and thinking about books as they’re being read. Schema is another word for prior knowledge. I will be reading a book to the children called The Relatives Came by Cynthia Ryland. As I’m reading I will stop and think out loud to show the children how I use my schema, or what Ialready know, to make connections from my own life. In other words I’m going to let the children know what’s going on inside my head while reading the story to them. When I have finished reading the book, the children will tell what was going on in their heads as they listened to the words. We will be talking about schema for the next month to help the children realize that prior knowledge and comprehension go hand in hand. Next week when you’re reading out loud to your child, have a discussion about the prior knowledge both you and your child bring to the book.


In science we are continuing our study of properties of rocks. We will be looking at rocks and coming up with words that go in the luster and texture categories. The children will work with a partner to complete a Venn Diagram comparing two the properties of two different rocks. 


In math we are still working on subtraction, but I will be introducing the concept of number boxes. A target number such as 8 is selected and the children need to write down as many combinations that they can think of that equal 8. They can use addition, subtraction, tally marks, pictures of coins etc. As the year goes on, they will be adding multiplication and division problems to the mix. Yes, we learn that in first grade. Yikes!!!


Tomorrow I will be having a meeting in my room after school to plan our Fall Harvest Party. If, at the last minute, you are able to attend this meeting, please just come to my room. Thanks to all the people who sent back their purple sheets and offered to help out at the party and/or purchase supplies.


In my next letter I will give you more information about our “This is my life” project. As you recall, I shared a finished self portait at Curriculum Night showing lots of sports items that were added to the portrait. Next Monday, I will be sending out a form for each child to fill out stating what “their life is” such as sports, fishing, dancing etc. and why that is important to them. This is just a heads up on what will be coming. Never a dull moment in room 235.


Have a wonderful week.