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Open Your Hearts, Open Your Home
Monday, October 07, 2013 10:25 AM

Please consider an opportunity for your family to host and make friends with a delightful 17-year-old exchange student who is studying at Washburn High School for the current school year. He comes from the French-speaking part of Belgium, not far from Brussels. He is loving life in the USA, enjoying his teachers and new friends, playing soccer, taking theater class and serving as an aide in French class. He has an engaging personality, loves to chat and socialize, and is very helpful and kind. The host mom who is serving as his welcome family will gladly give a recommendation to any interested families.

Host families provide a comfortable bedroom, family meals and reasonable transportation. A loving home atmosphere, good communication, and interest in the student's country and culture are essentials. Students have their own spending money and insurance and are responsible for personal expenses and all school and sports fees. For more information, please contact Carol Hines, ICES, at (888) 258-1101 (day or evening).