Paper October Reading Log vs.

Last week I sent out invitations from that gave instructions for setting up your child's account to be begin logging independent reading at home.  Today I sent home paper October reading logs.  I am asking each family to decide which method will work best for their child.  Please choose online or on paper.  Each student should read about 30 minutes a day independently at home about six days a week.  I am challenging all students to read and record the completion of one book this week - and it can be a short book.

So far, about six students have connected with and two have already entered reading logs.  By this Friday all students should either return reading logs recorded on paper or record reading logs online.

We spent a lot of time going over this new part of their reading work today.  Hopefully all students know enough to try and get started.

Other Parts of Reading Writing Workshop

Today most students completed the Unit Two Literacy Benchmark test that you saw on the desks during conferences.  Most students have three personal narratives in their writing notebooks.   We ran out of time for spelling today!  With all the above work and a morning with a substitute teacher, we ran out of time.  We will work hard on the new spelling lists tomorrow and send them home tomorrow!  

One more thing

Burroughs Directories went home today to students on room 348's  "youngest and only"  list.