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Parent Advisory Councils (PACs): What's Next?
Tuesday, March 15, 2016 7:35 AM

During the month of February, newly formed, geographically based PAC meetings were held in 4 locations.

The geographical boundaries for these groups are based on the Board of Education Districts. There will be 4 PACs with this designation: BOE 1, BOE 2, BOE 3&5, and BOE 4&6. PACs increase parent and family involvement in their children's education through effective communication and leadership development while empowering and advocating for all families. These groups will elect/select representatives to serve on the District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC). From those attending these meetings, a working group was formed to do the planning for future meetings and to begin to work on the Charter, which is a working agreement between the group and MPS.

This month the groups will meet and begin to plan for the April Family and Community Meeting. If you would like to be involved in a working group, let us know and we will share your contact information with the Community Liaison supporting that group.

There will be opportunities to form new advisory councils beginning next fall. These will be affinity groups that support academic and social-emotional success for our students. Start talking with your friends and brainstorm ideas. More information can be found here.