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Your Burroughs Physical Education Teachers

Lowell Peterson

612-668-3280 main office

612-668-9897 voicemail

lopet001@mpls.k12.mn.us email


Peter Hill

612-668-3280 main office

612-668-8583 voicemail

pehil001@mpls.k12.mn.us email



- Week of: 08/28/2017 ... "Rules and Just Play Week"

- Week of: 09/04/2017 ... "Capture the Aussie Ball Week"

- Week of: 09/11/2017 ... "Week on Wheels and Beachcombers Week"

- Week of: 09/18/2017 ... "Fitness Testing Week" 50yard dash and sit-ups

- Week of: 09/25/2017 ... "Pedal, Paddle and Fish for Grade 3 and Pin Guard Week"

- Week of: 10/02/2017 ... "Fitness Testing Week 2" 600 and 1200 yard distance run and sit-ups

- Week of: 10/09/2017 ... "Soccer Week 1"

- Week of: 10/16/2017 ... "Soccer Week 2" two days

- Week of: 10/23/2017 ... "Frisbee Golf"

- Week of: 10/30/2017 ... "Rope Jumping Week 1 and Family Fun Run Practice"

- Week of: 11/06/2017 ... "Ball Skills Week 1 and Family Fun Run Practice"

- Week of: 11/13/2017 ... "Rope Jumping Week 2 and Family Fun Run Practice"

- Week of: 11/20/2017 ... "Tag Games, Snooze You Lose and Family Fun Run Practice"

​- Week of: 11/27/2017 ... "Ball Skills Week 2 and Family Fun Run Practice"

​- Week of: 12/04/2017 ... "Family Fun Run Practice and Snooze You Lose"

​- Week of: 12/11/2017 ... "Family Fun Run" see link below for your childs scheduled event time

- Week of: 12/18/2017 ... "Derby Week"



- The Burroughs "Family Fun Run" schedule is now posted ... see link below!

- The Burroughs "4th and 5th Grade PE Downhill Ski Outng" information is now posted ... see link below!



Physical Education Statement

It is the goal of the Physical Education Department at Burroughs Community School to provide “Knowledge and use of lifetime skills, health, fitness, nutrition, wellness, individual and team related principles and activities.”


There are four overriding concerns when approaching each facet of subject matter:SAFETY, challenging each individual’s PERSONAL BESTCHARACTER BUILDING and having FUN.


We emphasize outdoor play, recreation, fitness and adventure. The Burroughs surrounding neighborhood is unique in that it affords students the opportunity to explore a wide variety of lifetime activities. Burroughs School acts as a base camp for many outdoor excursions that branch out in all directions.


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