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Site Council Members Needed for 2014-15 School Year
Monday, April 14, 2014 7:50 AM

How can you help make Burroughs even better? Consider serving on the Burroughs Site Council. It's a unique opportunity to get involved and serve our school and kids. The Site Council is a group of highly engaged parents, staff and community members who meet one evening each month to provide recommendations on issues that affect our school. Members represent the interests of all Burroughs students and parents and serve as a vital communication link to school administration and staff. Open positions are one-year and two-year terms.

Interested parents should email Kelly Robbert at kelly.robbert@usbank.com with the following information:
a. What grade(s) is your child(ren) in?
b. What inspires you to join the Site Council?
c. What will you bring to the collaborative effort of the Site Council?

Want to learn more about serving on the council? Contact Kelly Robbert at (612) 246-0891 or Amy Marquardt at (612) 822-8159.