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Tally Ho!
Sunday, March 02, 2014 7:00 PM

Will Mr. Cadotte dine on green eggs and ham? He might if you tally your minutes, and you can! Be sure to add in the “classroom minutes” that your teachers are sending home with each student. Here is your parent check-list:

  • Collect your pledges (checks preferred).
  • Sign the “tally form.”
  • Complete the pledge form and don’t forget your t-shirt size if you have collected at least $125.
  • Take out your giant magnifying glass and look closely at the envelope sent home with you in your packet. Write down your student’s name, grade and teacher. Do you have online donations? Write that down, too. Indicate if you have checks (or cash) for multiple students. Fill-in the blanks.
  • So much to do-so much to do! Put on your Sneetch-like tennis shoes and march it all up or march it all down to your teacher no later than Friday the 7th of March!
  • Come to the closing ceremony on Friday, March 21 at 9:30 am in the gym.

Classroom pizza & ice cream parties are scheduled for the week of March 24.
We need your help! Sign ups for party volunteers will be posted in next week’s bulletin.

Lastly on the Read-a-thon, are you curious to know what goes into a Grinchy Green Sundae? If so, please check out the ingredients list for each of the ice cream treats. Should you have any questions regarding the parties, please contact Megan Allen or Angie North.