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Thank You Parents for another Runtastic Family Fun Run!
Monday, December 09, 2013 10:45 AM

Congratulations to the more than 631 family members and friends who participated with our Burroughs students in this year’s family fun run. Here are the numbers of participants: 484 parents, 55 grandparents, 29 friends/nannies/alumni, 22 staff and 41 junior citizens.
Students had a goal of running continuously for a certain number of minutes based on their grade level. Kindergartners: 15 minutes; First graders: 20 minutes; Second graders: 25 minutes; Third graders: 30 minutes; Fourth graders: 35 minutes; and Fifth graders: 40 minutes. Many students in each grade took on the extra 5-minute challenge as well. After their “Fun Run” families and friends played together with balls, ropes and other toys.

All students in each grade really pushed themselves to reach their goals. Congratulations Burroughs Family Fun-Runners for your hard work and dedication to fitness!