Treasurer: Angie Phillips
Friday, October 06, 2017 5:10 PM

Angie Phillips
Angie Phillips

My name is Angie Phillips and I’m currently serving my second and final year as PTA Treasurer.  I have two boys at Burroughs: my older son is in Mr. Frober’s 4th grade class and my younger son is in Mr. Janssen’s 2nd grade class.  I also have 2 step-children that were both Burroughs graduates and recently graduated from Washburn High School.  


I started volunteering in my kids’ classrooms when they were younger, but realized that as they get older there are fewer and fewer classroom volunteer opportunities. I decided that being part of the PTA Officer team was a great way for me to stay involved with Burroughs, but not embarrass my 4th grader by showing up in his class every week.  


As Treasurer, I’m responsible for managing the PTA budget and expenses while communicating financial updates to the organization.  If you have any questions about how the PTA budgeting process works, or how to request the use of PTA funds, please do not hesitate to reach out!