Additional Supports

Many students with special needs learn best when provided with a visual support.  Here are some examples of the visual supports we use in our classroom to increase student independence, social interaction and communication.

Duration Charts
Durations charts are used to help students understand how much time they have with a task. A teacher will put each button on as fast or as slow as needed. When all the buttons are on, the task is complete!
A visual schedule helps students understand and process what will happening during their day.
Here are some examples of questions we can ask our friends. Providing visual questions to students helps them later communicate and initiate conversations with their peers.
Here's an example of a visual support that reminds students what to say when greeting their friends.
Remember the rules of a conversation!
Additional visual supports that help us follow classroom rules and routines.
Some students work best when there is structure to the routine. The student completes work bin 1, 2 and 3, then chooses a reinforcement (ex. computer, coloring). This process is less visually distracting and students are aware of the beginning and end of the task.
Our body break space!
Our body break space!