Spelling-Words Their Way

We are using the Words Their Way spelling program to teach spelling this year. After giving students a diagnostic spelling test (of which they did not study for), we determined each child's spelling level. After looking at what students know about spelling and noticing what their next step is, we have put them into spelling groups. We teaching them right at their developmental spelling level!

You should expect to see spelling sorts come home each Monday evening. Please help your child practice their sort, and their spelling of each word. They will get credit in both sorting and spelling their words correctly. Testing will be the last day of the week.


Spelling Homework 

Many of you are familiar with practicing for spelling by memorization.  We are working on understanding WHY words are spelled the way they are and learning the rules in the English language.  

On Mondays your child will be bringing home a collection of spelling words.  They will be tested FRIDAYS on both how the words are sorted and on how they are spelled.  Students should also understand the meanings of the words.  I have attached a spelling vocabulary sheet that you may use to work on definitions and sentences.

Another  fun thing:  Go to Spelling City for help practicing your words!  Be sure to enter them spelled accuarately!       http://www.spellingcity.com/



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