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"WOW" and Beachcombers Week Recap
Monday, September 16, 2013 9:55 AM

Last week, more than 351 Burroughs students in grades 3-5 took to the bike paths for a tour of Lake Harriet. Sixty students at a time ventured from Burroughs gym around the lake and back within a 55-minute PE class. (That's 702 hundred laps around the lake or about 2,387 miles). There were more than 300 bicycles, six tag-alongs and eight trailers in the gym (it looked like a bike shop). Many students were willing to share their bikes with those students that did not have access to one. The student riders showed respect for other riders and bladers and used good bicycle safety skills and respectful bicycle etiquette. Many compliments were given to the students from other park users. 32 parent helpers and four classroom teachers contributed with supervision and support. Thank you teachers and parents! Thirty students from the University of Wisconsin River Falls Physical Education program came to observe, volunteer and participate in the WOW event with our Burroughs students.  
The “Beachcombers” in K-2 jogged or rode a scooter to and from South Beach at Lake Harriet. The students made sand castles and learned about respectful beach and trail etiquette all during their 55-minute Physical Education class. Students rode some of the 150 scooters in the gym and learned about scooter safety while on the trails with other users. Burroughs students ran hard for a continuous run challenge. Sixteen classes with more than 432 students, 60 at a time, ran the parkway path and combed the beaches. (That’s about 864 miles!) Nearly 70 parents volunteered to run or scoot with the students as they embarked on their expedition. Thank you!
 Mr. Hill and Mr. Peterson

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