Welcome to Room 322
Lonnie Hulsey

My name is Mr. Lonnie Hulsey.  I began teaching at Burroughs in the fall of 2006.  Before coming to Burroughs, I taught for 10 years at Webster Open School in Minneapolis.  I have taught 1st through 8th grade, with most of my experience being in 5th grade.

Contact information


email is my preferred method for contact

email at school: lonnie.hulsey@mpls.k12.mn.us

voice mail: 668-8679

email during summer, holidays, weekends or evenings: lonnie.hulsey@gmail.com

cell phone: 612-720-5775

I generally check my school email before students arrive in the morning and after school.  

If you need to reach me during the day, it's best to call the office (668-3280).