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Art Adventure

Art Adventure is a program that is sponsored by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA). The program encourages creativity, critical thinking and global awareness through in-depth explorations of art across various cultures and time periods. Art Adventure is an opportunity for students to experience art up close and personal through reproductions, technology and touch-and-feel props in the classroom and a field trip to the museum to view the actual work.

The 2020/2021 theme we chose is: Families, Friends, and Communities. Below is a brief description per the MIA.

Relationships with others were as central to people in Mexico 2,000 years ago or in Mali 60 years ago as they are to us in Minnesota today. The universal need to interact with other people manifests itself in diverse ways. Though cultural and historical differences certainly exist, the relationships humans form bear remarkable similarities.

Throughout history and around the world, artists have represented a broad range of human interaction. The six works of art in this unit focus on diverse human relationships. Whatever our own experiences are, we can find personal meaning in the human relationships and emotions depicted in this series. We may also discover how art can heighten our awareness of the bonds that connect human beings beyond time, gender, race, or nationality.

In past years, we have had an overwhelming amount of parent and staff support, which has made the program both successful and fun. Due to the pandemic, training, classroom presentations/discussions and school tour will all be done virtually, which changes our volunteer needs. Though we may not be calling on parent volunteers as we traditionally have, we will continue to update as our plan unfolds and we assess our plan and needs. Thank you so much for everything you do.


Art Adventure at Burroughs is funded by the PTA. We budget one Picture Person training session per class, but many classes have more than one volunteer. If your class has extra volunteers, consider doing a train-the-trainer approach, or sending an additional donation to the PTA on behalf of Art Adventure.

Interested? Questions? Comments? Let us know.


Or talk to one of the Burroughs Art Adventure coordinators:

Tiffany Reis, Lynsey Tjaden or Wendy Jezarian

The following information is for interested volunteers during traditional school years. It gives insight and additional information for those that may be interested in upcoming years.

Volunteering for the Art Adventure program at Burroughs includes visiting Mia to learn about six (6) pieces of art and then discussing the pieces with our students in their art classes, using reproductions and other props. 

The time commitment for volunteers is:

  • September/October: Training at Mia (day or evening) 
  • Volunteer Gathering: This is not mandatory but offers parents an opportunity to go over ideas of class presentations, tips and possible projects for students.
  • November: Presenting two (2) times in your child's art class. (If there are enough volunteers in your child's classroom, you may choose to present only once.)* 
  • December: Tour Mia to see the art live (optional for volunteers to attend)*

*Note: Kindergarten classes follow a slightly different schedule-due to shortened attention spans and other classroom projects. You will present to K classes in their classrooms. We limit presentations to 30 minutes. In addition, K classes will tour Mia in January.

Presentation times in your child's art class

Most presentations take place in art class. However, 3-4 classes will not have art class during November, so volunteers will work directly with those teachers to find a time that works in their classrooms. 

Plan for 50 minutes total each class (30 minutes for K classes)-for both presentations and projects. Remember to make it fun for you and the kids. Asking lots of questions is an easy, fun way to make this happen.

Some classes have multiple parents interested in helping out.

Required district volunteer form.

All volunteers are required to submit a volunteer form before going into the classroom. If you have not submitted one this year, please do so before your presentation time.

More information on volunteering at Burroughs

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