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In-person learning available PreK-5 in February.

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Level III Services


Grouping for Core Instruction

All children do not learn in the same way and at the same pace. Instruction must be modified for students who already know the material or are capable of learning the material more quickly. The purposes of grouping advanced learner are fourfold:

1.     to ease the delivery of appropriately differentiated curriculum to advanced learners with similar educational needs;

2.     to facilitate the use of appropriately differentiated instructional strategies to advanced learners with similar educational needs;

3.     to facilitate addressing unique affective needs in the most conducive manner;

4.     to allow advanced learners of similar abilities or performance levels to learn from each other.

There are different ways to group students within the classroom and across classrooms. At Burroughs students are grouped within their classrooms for small group instruction in literacy and math and ability grouped across grade level classrooms for math instruction in grades 3-5.

NAGC Position on Grouping Advanced Learners

Professional Development for Teachers

Teachers need specific training to support the unique cognitive, affective, and learning needs of advanced learners in the classroom. MPS offers training focused on advanced learners and advanced differentation. 

NAGC Knowledge and Skills in Gifted Education for All Teachers

NAGC Standards in Gifted and Talented Education

Advanced Differentiation of the Core

Certain key strategies allow educators to adjust the intellectual demand of core content to meet the needs of advanced learners. This type of challenging learning experience is not a separate curriculum or pull-out program. Because its foundation is the core curriculum, advanced learners can participate in whole-class lessons as well as small group or independent work that has been adjusted to meet their needs.

Advanced Differentiation Booklet

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